Costa Rica – a T1D reality check

Posted by sean on Tue, 08/18/2015 - 14:30 in

This past winter, my wife, Mollie, announced that we had been invited to her friend’s wedding in Costa Rica. Although I don’t typically jump at the opportunity to go to warm places, I knew my skimboard was begging to be utilized and I agreed.

One of the hardest parts, for me, was dealing with sleeveless shirts and my insertion sites. It was so hot – so tank tops and board shorts were my uniform for the week. I’m normally all about educating others on T1D, but this wedding atmosphere wasn’t one filled with other diabetics like I’m used to… contrasting to say, a Riding On Insulin camp. And while most places I go, I’m able to cover up my sites and no one knows any different, there were a lot of questions about my Omnipod and my CGM site on this trip.

A particularly memorable comment:

[Girl in the wedding party points to the Pod on my arm] “Is that one of those locator beacons?”

At first I was angry. Why didn’t this person realize that my Pod is a serious medical device that keeps me alive? It didn’t take too long to remember that moments like this are not unique to me. We – as T1Ds – deal with these instances all the time. Although that didn’t change the fact that I wished for a minute I didn’t have to deal with it, I took an ego check and took to educating whoever inquired about my “strange devices” at the wedding. Mollie was great at doing the same, while she was with me, and without me. After a few days, the group was accustomed to T1D just like any other place I go.