Fashion Week with Diabetes

Posted by katie on Mon, 07/13/2015 - 11:00 in

Attending New York Fashion Week is a completely crazy experience by itself. Add diabetes into the mix, and things get just a little more complicated. But just like managing diabetes in any situation, I had to find a way to work around any potential obstacles while covering several shows for my fashion blog, The Aisle of Style.  The more things you experience with diabetes, the more knowledge you gain to help with future endeavors. My big concerns for this new adventure included when I would be eating, bringing food into venues that didn’t allow it, and of course, storing all my medical supplies in a fashionable bag!

















A lot of venues don’t allow “outside food and drinks,” which as a diabetic, just isn’t reasonable.  I have found through past experiences that having a note from your doctor is very helpful in this situation.  If there is any hesitation at the door about whether or not you can bring in orange juice or snacks, just ask to speak to a manager. They are usually pretty good about it, and sometimes they have an employee who is a diabetic, so they get it. Honestly, there were no issues at Fashion Week and it was all smooth sailing, thankfully!

Another funny, but important concern to me was fashion and what I would be wearing. Fashion is obviously a huge part of the seven-day event, and I didn’t want to compromise that because I had a bag stuffed full of diabetes supplies and an insulin pump under my clothing.  Thankfully with the Omnipod’s small size, it was not even detectable underneath my sweater and coat, or any of the outfits that I wore inside the venues.

When it came to all of my testing supplies, emergency shots, and orange juice, I specifically picked out a cute and appropriate-sized bag for all of my stuff. I was carrying around a lot of things like passes, a notebook, and business cards, so my bag was fuller and more crowded than usual. I made sure everything I had was organized in my bag before going to each show, so I had a mental note of where my orange juice was located, along with anything else that I might need to find in a hurry.

Speaking of having to do things quickly, another advantage of the Omnipod was that I could test my blood sugar and give myself a bolus with just one device.  I didn’t have to dig a meter out of my bag to test, and then find a syringe to fill and inject my insulin. That would have been much too cumbersome and time-consuming for me.

I have to say that Fashion Week was not only a great experience, but it was an experience that went almost flawlessly, with no major “diabetes issues.” I really believe that you learn different things from every experience you have with diabetes, and my past trips had helped this one go smoothly. This time around I learned to keep higher carb snacks and more orange juice with me, because my blood sugar went low a few times due to all the running around.  Next time I will also cut my insulin ratio to prevent any unwanted lows. When it comes to supplies, I will carry a plastic bag with me to temporarily store test strips, trash, etc. so I can find things in my bag much quicker without granola bar wrappers getting in my way!