Omnipod Welcomes Asante Snap Patients

Posted by scott on Fri, 05/22/2015 - 10:31 in

Scott Benner, diabetes advocate and author of Arden’s Day, provides coverage of the Omnipod Welcome Program available to Asante Snap insulin pump users. See below for more information on the program.









The recent and unexpected closing of insulin pump manufacturer Asante has left users of their Snap insulin pump in search of a new way to deliver insulin.

In response to the news the makers of Omnipod have announced a welcome program for Snap users that includes a no-cost PDM and ten free pods.

If you are a Snap user who thinks that Omnipod may be the right choice there is no better time to make the move. If you meet the simple requirements listed in the image below, call 888-6-GETPOD to get started.










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