The Importance of the Diabetes Community Part 3: Teaching Possibilities

Posted by scott on Thu, 03/12/2015 - 10:54 in

Join Scott Benner, author of the award-winning parenting memoir, “Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal: Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Dad,” for a five-part series on how the diabetes community can help save, support, teach, improve and transform lives.








Without the support and know-how of the people in the diabetes community, I may never have found Omnipod (the insulin pump my daughter uses), our ketone meter or the courage to best use them.

I look back now and wonder why I couldn’t see it sooner. I thought that the fear I was experiencing in the early days of my daughter’s diagnosis was from the diabetes, but it wasn’t. It was the uncertainty that scared me. Not knowing if I was about to inject too much insulin, count carbs incorrectly or any of the seemingly endless things that I didn’t feel I properly understood. The inability to have confidence in my actions made me afraid. Too many what ifs…

Meeting people who live with diabetes in their lives changed all of that for me. Being able to see others make choices that worked out was a huge relief, but when I saw that they were just as unsure as I was at some point, that was a game changer. I didn’t just not have to be perfect; it was okay not to be. Tomorrow would still come - the community was a glance at our future and our future was bright!

Educating Ourselves on Diabetes Management Options

The possibility that we were going to live well again opened my eyes to all other kinds of new and hopeful considerations.
I always thought that Arden’s insulin wasn't right for her, but because our doctor gave it to us, I never thought that I could change. Then I met someone who switched and I thought, “I guess I can do that too.” Changing insulin remains one of the best diabetes decisions I’ve made in eight years.

The feeling that I could speak up led me to investigate my own options when they told us which insulin pump they would prefer that we use. “I’ll take the one without the tubing,” I said without ever second-guessing myself. Today, choosing the Omnipod is another one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made and that I was able to make with courage I received from the support that emanates from the diabetes community.

Finding Inspiration in the Diabetes Online Community

Watching other people online live well with diabetes was, and remains, one of the most inspiring things that I’ve witnessed and their lead is all of ours for the taking.

Diabetes and the life you get when it arrives on your doorstep doesn’t have to include fear. When your own experience tells you that it does, don’t believe it. Look into the world and find a person who began this journey before you. Let their foibles act as your lessons; allow their wisdom to be your guide.

One day, sooner than you think, your perspective will catch up to theirs and diabetes will slow down. Moments in the past that once seemed to move so quickly that your experience couldn’t keep up with will one day be moving so slowly that you’ll be able to stop time when diabetes needs a decision from you. You’ll be able to calm your mind and make clear decisions based on the knowledge that you have accumulated.

One day you’ll be Neo from The Matrix slapping those diabetes bullets right out of midair. You are able to swat them aside, turn them around or step out of the way – the decision will be all yours and you’ll make it without a moment's uncertainty. When you reach this point in your life with diabetes I want to encourage you to take what you’ve learned to make positive impacts on your health.

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