My Journey to Pump Therapy Part 5: Why Omnipod?

Posted by allison on Fri, 02/06/2015 - 09:10 in

Check out the first four parts of Allison Nimlos’ series on her journey to starting on an insulin pump with type 1 diabetes.

The Omnipod was not my first insulin pump. When I first went on a pump in 2000, there were only two options. I was using another pump for about 12 years when I decided to take an impromptu pump vacation. It ended up lasting about 16 months, so perhaps it was more like a pump sabbatical.

I eventually decided to resume life as a pumper, because I knew that my diabetes management would be better and easier for me. I loathed taking frequent insulin injections and I didn’t have the flexibility to increase my background insulin when I needed it, leaving me too high or too low too often. I thought about returning to the original pump I had been on, but I decided to do some investigating into the other pumps that had since come to the market. There were now several popular insulin pumps to choose from. Which one was going to be right for me?

My Previous Insulin Pump

My main complaint about my previous insulin pump was that I didn’t like having to find a place to stash it. During the summer, I wear a lot of skirts and dresses. Finding a place to hide my insulin pump was awkward and uncomfortable. Sure, clipping it to bicycle shorts or my bra worked, but I never felt comfortable when I did that. I could feel it poking and jabbing me when I moved, or it would get sweaty and gross. Yuck. This is one of the things I loved about the Omnipod insulin pump – it stays put under my clothes and I don’t have to worry about finding a hiding location.















Why I Chose the Omnipod

The second thing I liked about the Omnipod was that I never had to go fishing for it when I needed to bolus. The Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) is both a glucose meter and the pump control, so I could do everything easily from there.

I also found the PDM very easy to read and to use. I like that the PDM and the glucose meter are in one device, because I’m that much more likely to bolus when I test my blood sugar and have a high blood sugar reading. It’s so easy to just keep clicking to give a bolus, rather than having to get out another device. I also like that it’s very clear to read, with black font on a white background. It doesn’t take too much time to find what you’re looking for.

One thing that I really appreciated is the ability to try out a demo Pod. While I was able to see different insulin pumps in person, the Omnipod was the only one that I could put on and wear on my own. I was concerned about the size and what it would look like under my clothing. Having the ability to try out a demo was really beneficial. I hear from many people that they are concerned that the Pod will show under clothing, and I always encourage them to see a Pod up close and personal before making a decision.

Everyone has different needs based on their lifestyle. For me, Omnipod has been a great fit and has helped me in so many ways.

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