FingerPricks™ Cartoons: Sensible Stocking Stuffers from Diabetic Santa

Posted by haidee on Thu, 12/18/2014 - 10:15 in

When I was younger, getting socks as a Christmas present was a total bummer. I wanted – and thought I deserved – gifts I considered fun. The purpose of these gifts was to entertain me and, since it was Christmas, no other purpose was even sought. (I remember the years when Santa wrapped toothbrushes and deodorant for my bothers and me. We reacted as if he’d actually stolen gifts, so unappreciative were we.) As I continue to get older I actually want sensible things – items I can use or actually need. If someone (Santa?) wants to fill my stocking with insulin vials and test strips then – HO! HO! HO! – please do!

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