FingerPricks™ Cartoons: The ScArIeSt Treatments for Lows

Posted by haidee on Fri, 10/31/2014 - 07:58 in

Question:  What does a person with diabetes do when the glucose tabs and candy are gone?
Answer:  Anything they have to.










It doesn’t have to be Halloween to know it’s a scary situation to be caught without sugar when blood sugar levels dip. I polled a bunch of my friends with type 1 diabetes and was given an assortment of unlikely foods they’ve used as treatment for a low. I took the Top 10 and put them in descending order of grossness:

  1. Ketchup. Yuck. Double yuck. We all know that ketchup is sweet, but not too many people would willingly eat spoonful after spoonful. Still, there’s enough sugar content to avert a bad situation.
  2. Jar of beets. It’ll get the job done, but you may never want to eat beets again.
  3. Dry Jell-O® powder. In my head I picture this mix tasting like Pixy Stix®, but the whole idea of it is very wrong; still, any port in a storm.
  4. Baby food. You heard me right. Full of sugar and super easy to digest (gross).
  5. Starbursts® with the wrappers still on. When time is of the essence, taking a minute or two to remove those annoying wrappers just might be a minute too long. I know people who pop the whole thing right into their mouths and let their digestive tract sort it out.
  6. A dusty can of Coke® that’s been sitting open for weeks. Flat and eerily warm.
  7. Lint-covered gummy bears from the far reaches of your handbag. If you’ve done this before you know the grit and hair that locks itself on there.
  8. Aunt Jemima maple-flavored syrup. Theoretically this should be tasty, but the cold hard truth is that syrup needs a food underneath it to prevent the dry heaves.
  9. Green maraschino cherries. Who knows why these things are even made? Any attempting to claim them as a fruit is just ridiculous.
  10. Mint jelly. Some people have this in the corners of their pantry to put on pork chops and the like. As gross as this is to gulp by the spoonful, I put it down at number 10 because its consistency is not that much different than glucose gels.

Just goes to show, when there’s nothing else available, creativity counts!

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