Join the Movement: The Diabetes Hands Foundation is Set to Launch its Annual Big Blue Test

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With Diabetes Awareness Month just around the corner, we’re proud to support the Diabetes Hands Foundation and its annual Big Blue Test program.

What Is The Big Blue Test?




The Big Blue Test is a program designed to raise awareness of the impact exercise can have on diabetes management. The goal is also to inspire the diabetes community to get active and experience the impact small changes can have on your health. What you do is log your pre-exercise blood sugar, what you did for exercise and then your post-exercise data.

When Is It Happening?

This year the program is launching October 20th and it will run through November 19th.

Why Participate?

The Diabetes Hands Foundation believes working out “together” as a community and sharing your results can be inspiring. Also, sharing your pre- and post-blood sugar levels arms the Diabetes Hands Foundation with data to get the attention of healthcare professionals to help them change the landscape of diabetes care and prevention.

AND, for each Big Blue Test entry received, the Diabetes Hands Foundation makes a donation in support of programs serving people with diabetes in need.

How Can I Sign Up?

There are two ways you can participate:

  1. Through the Big Blue Test website:
  2. Through the Big Blue Test mobile app., which can be downloaded in the app. store.

So what are you waiting for? Join the movement and sign up on the 14th!

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