FingerPricks™ Cartoons: The Back to School Routine vs. The Diabetes Management Routine

Posted by haidee on Tue, 09/02/2014 - 09:50 in


Back to school? Groan, moan, bunk! It happens every year, but funny enough, we’re just never prepared for it. We spend a majority of the summer denying the event will come, but it eventually does just like it did this time last year. Imagine!

Like it or not we’re asked to deal with the situation before us, be it school or, yes, our diabetes management regime. I drag my heels, complain, curse my fate, implore the universe to tell me why I must continuously do things I just don’t want to do?!?! I can whine all I want, but at the end of the day, I do the responsible thing: take the blood test, dose my insulin, board the school bus – all just a part of life’s ups-and-downs. I don’t mean to trivialize having diabetes - I just really hated school.

I wasn’t sure which angle to take with this cartoon. Part of me wants to impress upon the viewer my standard flippant back talk about our superior diabetes knowledge, but though I know you'd all appreciate it, it may be too predictable. I think today I want to say the opposite. I want to say: keep your mind open, you never know what information will be new or helpful, no matter what the source. And I'll even go one step further: take time to teach others the things you've learned. More information is always better.

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