Curses and Superstitions: 13 Diabetes Positives

Posted by kelly on Thu, 06/19/2014 - 07:44 in

Well-known diabetes blogger Kelly Kunik discusses superstitions and curses in a post inspired by last week’s Friday the 13th. Do you have any diabetes superstitions you’d like to share? 

Kelly-Kunik-Diabetes-PositivesKelly doesn't believe type 1 diabetes is a character flaw - some of the greatest people she's come across are PWDs!

Last Friday was Friday the 13th (complete with a bonafide and rare and full “Honey” moon) and ever since then I’ve been thinking about curses and superstitions - seriously, how could I not?

Friday the 13th is a day when superstitions are taken to heart and many in the population suddenly develop triskaidekaphobia (a fear of the number 13), steer clear of walking under ladders, avoid shattering mirrors at all costs and run in the opposite direction at the mere mention of a black cat for fear of the supposed bad luck that little black kitty will bring.

Me, I’m a dog person, but I think black cats are beautiful. As far as breaking mirrors, I avoid doing that as much as possible. Not because of the seven years of bad luck associated with cracked or shattered mirrors, but because of the huge mess shattered mirrors create. Regarding walking under ladders, in all honesty, I haven't found ladders blocking my path to be an everyday occurrence on my walkabouts. But if I did happen to come across one, I wouldn’t walk under it anyway. WHY? Because it makes absolutely no sense to walk under something that someone else is precariously perched on. Of course it’s an accident waiting to happen!

I agree that the number 13 certainly has its detractors, but it also has its merits.

There were 13 original colonies, which became the 13 original states. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. Let’s not forget that "a baker’s dozen" consists of 13 donuts/baked goods instead of 12. I’ll take 13 donuts over 12 any day!

To get to my main thought - do I think I'm cursed because I have type 1 diabetes? Simple answer is I don't, but I will admit that diabetes can make me curse a blue streak and more often that I’d care to admit.

Do I have diabetes idiosyncrasies that some might consider superstitious?

Perhaps.... Or maybe it’s just diabetes-related OCD.

For example, I have a fear of pasta. As in: for the life of me, I can’t figure out the correct bolus and temporary basal rate for a serving of the stuff, so I tend not to indulge in a pasta-laden meal. But I’m working to rectify the situation.

And strangely enough, I prefer to use my left hand to test my blood sugars (which is weird, because I’m left handed) as opposed to my right. Weird, right?

But the fact remains that type 1 diabetes isn’t my curse nor is it my fault. Like it or not, diabetes is a part of my life and until there’s find a cure, I can’t change that. And I’ve even managed to come up with 13 positives about diabetes.

  1. Some consider diabetes to be a character flaw, but that's not true! Some of the greatest characters I know have diabetes!
  2. Living with diabetes forces us to listen to what our bodies are telling us. That's not only a good thing - it’s incredibly important.
  3. Most PWDs (people with diabetes) I’ve encountered in my 30 plus years with diabetes have a more developed and, dare I say, twisted sense of humor - not to mention a greater appreciation for the macabre. Coincidence or fact? You be the judge.
  4. People with diabetes can multitask better than most, because life with diabetes is all about multi-tasking.
  5. Speaking of multi-tasking, people with diabetes never miss a chance to put those annoying paper-cut gushers to good use. Instead of complaining about being lanced, we whip out our glucose meters and test our blood sugars ASAP!
  6. Diabetes allows us to weed out the fair weather friends in life and allows to shine the spotlight on the ones who really matter.
  7. While it's true that people with diabetes become human pincushions because we are continually checking our blood sugars, we do so sans the voodoo zombie effects. THINK ABOUT IT.
  8. You can’t catch diabetes, but you can catch stupid - and to date there’s no cure for either. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take diabetes over stupid any day.
  9. Diabetes forces people with diabetes to think on our feet and develop our inner MacGyver. Many people with perfectly functioning pancreases are incapable of either.
  10. Living with diabetes shows us in real time that little changes do indeed equal big changes.
  11. When you know better, you do better - living with diabetes proves that.
  12. Having type 1 diabetes is the reason I found the Diabetes Online Community AKA the DOC - and I’m so grateful that I did. The DOC absolutely changed my life for the better!
  13. The only thing we can't do with diabetes is make insulin - everything else is game on!

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