Managing Middle School with Diabetes: Handling Lunchtime with My Insulin Pump

Posted by summer on Thu, 06/05/2014 - 08:31 in

Peanut butter and jelly or a turkey sandwich? That is the lunch choice most middle school kids have as they look in their lunch bag each day in the cafeteria. At my middle school in New York City, we go out to lunch every day. My choices are more along the lines of sushi, pizza, deli food or hamburgers. I love getting a break in the middle of the day and walking over with my friends to the local sushi restaurant and sharing California rolls, miso soup and shrimp shumai. And of course, the chopsticks make great hair clips – just use them before you eat with them!

Having type 1 diabetes adds another layer of consideration to my lunch plans.

eating-lunch-at-school-with-diabetes-225x400On days I have track after school, I try to eat something with more carbs, like pizza. On days when I am just hanging out at the local coffee shop after school, I will try to eat something lighter like a salad at the diner. And of course, sometimes I just end up where all my friends are and I have to try to make the right choice quickly.

Inconveniences Eating Lunch with Multiple Daily Injections

When I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I had to go to the nurse before lunch, then test my blood sugar and then she would give me my insulin injection. I hated doing that because I never really knew what I was going to eat before I got outside, so there was so much guesswork involved. Often, I would end up with a high or low blood sugar and I was scrambling to catch up with my friends.

Flexibility with an Insulin Pump

Once I started the Omnipod insulin pump, eating lunch at school became so much easier. Now I can wait to see where we are eating, test my blood sugar and quickly bolus for whatever I am having that day for lunch. If I want to eat a little more (hmmm, are you eating that last dumpling?) I can just bolus again on my Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) and it is no big deal. Most of my friends are not even aware of what I am doing.

Sometimes I think it would be easier to eat lunch from my mom in a school cafeteria, because I would not have to worry about carb counting or making sensible choices. However, as soon as I walk along First Avenue to my favorite sushi place or the best pizza shop ever, I am so happy to be in NYC and have the Omnipod insulin pump to help me out!

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