Modeling with an Insulin Pump

Posted by katie on Tue, 11/12/2013 - 16:46 in

The first thing I thought of when I took my next-generation Omnipod insulin pump out of the box was that it would make wearing jeans a little easier. Along with a few other outfits in my closet!

Before trying on the smaller Pod, I read the pamphlets and watched the training video with my family to better understand how to use the System. I learned several improvements had been made, such as the “insulin on board” feature that gives me a more accurate idea of the amount of insulin still working in my body after a bolus dose. I also learned about the pink slide insert on the Pod that I can check each time to make sure the cannula has deployed.

While there were several other improved features with the next-generation Omnipod System, the most important change to me was the smaller size of the Pod itself. Now I must say that the original version was still much better than a traditional insulin pump. If it had not been for the Omnipod System, it would have been much more difficult to build up my confidence to try a modeling career with diabetes. The smaller Pod just added to my confidence.

It was modeling-with-diabetes-266x400great timing, because I received my next-generation Omnipod just before a casting call for a big fashion show in Syracuse, New York. The event, Syracuse Fashion Weekend, featured several well-known local and even international fashion designers. A portion of the proceeds were to be donated to the Golisano Children’s Hospital at Upstate Medical Center.

I did not know if wearing a Pod would be an issue modeling with diabetes, because I would not find out what type of outfit I would be trying on, and how it would fit, until after the casting call. But whether or not I could wear a Pod under designer clothing turned out to be a non-issue, because of its small size.

The dress that I was given to wear slipped over the new Pod with no problem! Because the small Pod is more discreet, there was no noticeable bulge underneath the fabric of the ornate silk dress. It was part of a seven-piece collection of absolutely beautiful garments and I was thrilled to be able to model it for the show.

Wearing the small Pod was a huge relief, because the last thing I wanted to worry about was having to take extra time to make adjustments on an outfit because of my diabetes.

Thank you Omnipod engineers!

Because the Omnipod is small and discreet, and can be worn in many places, it can make dressing in different types of clothes convenient. To learn more about the Omnipod and try a free Demo, click here.