Sean Busby’s “Diabetes Heroes” Series: Professional Stuntman Mikey Avery

Posted by sean on Wed, 10/30/2013 - 13:05 in

Over the next year, Podder Talk is featuring a series of videos in which professional snowboarder Sean Busby interviews inspirational people in the diabetes community. In the third episode, Sean interviews Mikey Avery, a professional stuntman and member of the National Ski Patrol.

Omnipod user Mike (“Mikey”) Avery was diagnosed with diabetes at age eight and has been living with diabetes for more than 20 years now. At the age of three, he made history as the youngest stuntman in film history. At 28, he has a thriving stunt career playing creatures on TV’s Grimm as well as being nominated for a SAG award for his work on The Dark Knight. Mike is an active member of National Ski Patrol, an EMT, and of course, is the proud parent of a little girl.

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