Suite D One-Year Anniversary Part 2

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September marks one year since Suite D launched and to celebrate we are sharing insight from our contributors about their experiences with Suite D and the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) as a whole. Check out part 2 below! If there topics that we haven’t addressed on Suite D yet that you would be interested in reading or writing about, let us know at

As a D-Mom, Jake-ByrneI love Suite D's inspiring posts and encouragement from diabetics overcoming odds - like my son, pro football player, Jake Byrne :-). Whether you have diabetes or love someone who does, Suite D is a great community to share, become inspired, or just hang out and soak up knowledge and encouragement.” -Holly Michael

I have been a type 1Judie-Hurtado-Taj-Mahal diabetic for over 30 years and I'm also a health and wellness writer. I never wrote about my life with type 1 diabetes until I began blogging for Suite D. I love writing about how yoga has helped me manage diabetes all these years. I loved sharing my adventures to India with Suite D readers. I received an e-mail from a reader who tracked me down via my website. It felt wonderful to receive positive feedback from another type 1.” -Judie Hurtado

What a year it’s been since I began contributing to Suite D! I have been fortunate to share DxONE across the globe with type 1 families and film fans, make good friends in the DOC and even had the privilege of joining Insulet at this year’s Friends For Life in Florida. I’m thankful for my involvement with Suite D and grateful to be in the company of so many inspiring people who also contribute. Here’s to another great year!” -Dan Masucci

If you've already experienced the benefits of the DOC, then I don't need to tell you that it's not only a treasure trove of diabetes management advice, but it's instant inspiration and camaraderie too. What's so great about Suite D specifically is the variety of posts and writers that contribute to so many different topics. If ever I'm feeling like there's something in my life that's challenging me because of my diabetes, I can rest assured that someone on Suite D has experienced it. Advice and support are just a few clicks away with Suite D and that's so important for something I like to call your "diabetes confidence." Your diabetes confidence is the level of assurance you have with doing an activity with diabetes. For example, traveling to Thailand this past January was intimidating to me. I worried about bringing all of my medications with me, how temperatures would affect my control and my supplies, and how my body would react to all the new foods. But when I reached out to the DOC and found out there were tons of folks with diabetes who had done the same trip, my diabetes confidence rose to a level that made me comfortable heading out on my own adventure. Armed with new tips and tricks and knowledge that someone else with diabetes had successfully done this before me, I was able to travel without fear. That's the power of Suite D and the DOC. It's the confidence that you are not alone.” -Alexis Pollak



"I enjoy reading the posts by the other Suite D bloggers because there are so many inspirational stories. It's interesting how people with diabetes can have different experiences in life, yet have so much in common when it comes to the "everyday living" stuff and managing their diabetes with the Omnipod.

I have learned a lot from the blog posts written by Shannon Smith, the college student at Rowan University, because she is just a few years older than me.

Her blog posts have given me ideas on how to handle getting my driver's license and my first part-time job, both of which I expect to happen this year. Many of her experiences are ones that I can relate to as well, such as spending the day at the beach and how the heat affects my blood sugar.




















It has been 37 years sinceTony-Cervati-Race my type 1 diagnosis, Type1Rider has been pedaling around the planet for over eight years, and this fall, The Blue Heel Society has been kickin’ up its “soles” for diabetes awareness for two years already.

Oh how the time, and the blood glucose checks, fly by.

Twelve months ago I was fortunate enough to be asked to be part of Insulet’s Suite D Blog. The folks at OmniPod have a vision to use this feature as a public “bulletin board” where people with years, and even just weeks or months, of dealing with diabetes under their belt can share ALL of their experiences.

From the triumphant to the embarrassing, and the good, as well as the things that went sideways. Very real and personal truths of all aspects of surviving and thriving with this disease.

It has been amazing to read the submissions of others, and to learn & be inspired by their stories. From Rick Lacy’s use of the OmniPod as a type 2, to Jake Byrne and Joey Balistrieri’s “Tackling Diabetes” series. They have all been magnificent reads.

The Suite D Blog is an extension of everything amazing about the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). It is my belief that the DOC is unequivocally the most passionate, engaged, open, and caring group of patients and caregivers on the planet. One giant family. Millions strong.

I am extraordinarily grateful to be part of this community. I am looking forward to continuing to not only be a contributor to the Suite D Blog, but a huge fan and follower as well.” -Tony Cervati

One of my favorite things about writing for Suite D over this past year has been making new connections throughout the Diabetes Online Community (DOC), which is, in and of itself such an important part of managing diabetes. It holds a special place in my heart, as do my fellow persons with diabetes. I’m looking forward to making even more connections within the DOC through Suite D!

Having type 1 diabetes and gradually moving toward the Paleo lifestyle a couple years ago has fueled my passion for cooking, overall total health and wellness, and helping others. I love that Suite D has allowed me to share this journey I’m on - and additionally help others with their Paleo questions as it relates to diabetes. The influx of questions has been truly rewarding, and the connections made, so valuable! By reading her posts along with several of the others, it's made me realize that I'm not the only teenager in the world with type 1 diabetes and that it's possible to accomplish the same things as others my age by just giving some extra attention to my health.” -Katie Machia

Although there were so many posts I loved over this past year, my favorite post on Suite D was the “Diabetes Foolishness” series. Knowing that as a person with diabetes I am not the only one that receives unsolicited comments about my disease and how I choose to manage it, not only makes me feel better, but also reminds me that we’re all in this type 1 boat together.” -Lindsay Swanson