No Limits with Diabetes

Posted by kris on Tue, 09/24/2013 - 12:08 in

I have been a professional Olympic XC skier with type 1 diabetes since the year 2000. For the past nine years I have visited children's diabetes summer camps around the nation. I go to these camps to share my personal story with diabetes.

I tell the kids about how crushing my diabetes diagnosis was 14 years ago when the first endocrinologist I saw told me to abandon my Olympic dream and become a club skier. The second doctor I saw laughed at me when I told him I wanted to compete in the Olympics in two years.








Fast forward to the present and I have competed in three Olympics and won 16 US National Championships. Those doctors underestimated me and what is possible with diabetes. I never want to see another person, and especially a child, with diabetes be told that they cannot pursue their dreams because of the disease we share. I talk openly about the hard times I have had with diabetes, such as when I collapsed competing in the 2010 Olympic games, as well as the triumphs (winning the Under-23 World Championships). I want everyone to understand that while living with diabetes is not always easy, nothing has to stand in the way of reaching your goals. The better a person with diabetes cares for themselves the less it has to impact their lives.

Visting diabetes summer camps gives me a unique opportunity to connect with children with diabetes. I am proud to be presented as a role model. I sign autographs for kids after my presentation and I can't estimate how many Omnipods and traditional insulin pumps I have signed over the last ten years. For the kids to know that I use the same insulin and devices they are familiar with, it connects them more to my story and seems to make them believe they can go after their dreams too.

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