Suite D One-Year Anniversary!

Posted by omnipod on Fri, 09/20/2013 - 11:38 in

September marks the one-year anniversary of Suite D’s launch. To celebrate we will be sharing insights and anecdotes from our contributors about their experiences with Suite D and the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) as a whole. We hope you have enjoyed the stories featured here over our first year and that you have learned some new things, gained some inspiration and maybe even made some new friends. Are there topics that we haven’t addressed that you would be interested in reading (or writing) about? Let us know at And come back next week for more stories!

Suite D has provided me a forum to connect with other people with type 1 diabetes and help me learn the tips and tools of how others manage their disease. Through the Suite D online diabetes community I have made more type 1 friends all over the world. Some who have even reached out to me personally and joined me on snowboarding expeditions or trips. Suite D provides amazing stories of inspiration as well as the day-to-days of diabetes management, highlighting some of the most important and sometimes rarely understood topics of the disease. Happy birthday Suite D and thank you for all of my new dia-buddies!.” -Sean Busby


The warmest of Suite-D-Anniversarywishes to the editors and contributors of Suite D! OmniPod has provided the only online platform for my illustrations, truly embracing the freedom of diabetic expression in ALL its forms. Feedback from my work has further inspired my artistic and creative diabetic ideas and is more rewarding than I ever imagined. Thank you to Suite D for connecting me in this way to the diabetes community - Happy Anniversary indeed!!!” -Haidee Merritt

I love that when Insulet decided to launch Suite D they made the decision to reach out into the diabetes community to find voices for their blog. It would have been easy for them to hire a PR writer to fill their space online, instead they asked real people to share real experiences and I think that the community is stronger for it. Happy Birthday Suite D - don't forget to pre-bolus for that cake.*” -Scott Benner

Congratulations to Suite D on your one year anniversary. We have found that sharing our T1 life experiences on Suite D has been wonderful.Reading the stories from the other guest bloggers have inspired us. It’s fun to read about Sean Busby’s adventures with snowboarding or get a laugh from Haidee Merritt’s cartoon series. It was so much fun to share a blog series with Jake Byrne and his mom Holly. My son Joey loved writing his part of the series.We look forward to continuing to blog with Suite D and will continue to read the other blogger’s stories. We get inspired and hope that we offer inspiration as well.Here is to another year of sharing, learning, and living the life with type 1 diabetes.” -Therese Balistrieri

I think the thing that has impressed me most about the blog and users of OmniPod are the many activities we can enjoy. I play golf, do yard work, maintain my cars and I rarely even think about the OmniPod. I recently received the new, smaller Pods with the updated PDM and I like the size and upgrades to the System. I will admit that the majority of users seem to be type 1 diabetics. As a type 2 I feel strongly that the System has distinct benefits for us, too. I have discussed the benefits with many individuals who know someone that is diabetic and usually they are having difficulty managing their disease. I enjoy telling folks that the system works for me.” -Rick Lacy

I loved Joey-Balistrieri-Jake-Byrnesharing my football story with Suite D. I hope that other kids read it and saw that they can do anything they want to do; that they should go after their dreams even if it means they might have to take a few chances (like e-mailing a College football player). My mom always tells me that the worst thing that can happen is you’ll be told “no,” but first you have to ask the question.

I am looking forward to sharing more of my stories with Suite D. My year as the American Diabetes Ambassador has been so much fun. I’ve met so many new friends, even rock star Bret Michaels! So I am looking forward to sharing these stories on Suite D.” -Joey Balistrieri

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