Managing Diabetes on Summer Break: Handling Cookouts

Posted by shannon on Thu, 08/29/2013 - 12:03 in

Diabetes-and-CookoutsI love being home and spending time with my family—I miss them when I’m six hours away at school.  Cookouts and family parties are so much fun, but they’re also challenging when it comes to having diabetes. Like most families, our cookouts involve lots of food and lots of quality time, especially during the summer holidays.

Having diabetes doesn’t have to stop you from attending carb-loaded cookouts, but it does raise some concerns. Not only are carbs everywhere at family cookouts, but the food options are just endless. Your aunt makes her homemade cookies, your grandmother has prepared her famous dinner dish, your uncle made awesome fresh-squeezed lemonade…the list goes on and on and of course you have to try everything, right? Not always. But having the option to sample a small bit of all the delicious food would be nice.

My Challenges with Insulin Injections

Being able to not have to plan my whole meal at one time is nice. Before I wore the Omnipod insulin pump I would have to give myself injections each time I ate in order to avoid high blood sugar levels. Giving injections for every little bit of food, desserts, etc. that I tried hurt. I’d usually end up bruising myself with all the constant injections and I’d either not eat much at family functions or I’d have to bring my own meal.

This made me feel odd or awkward, especially if I was attending a cookout that wasn’t a family affair. When friends would invite me to their family summer gatherings sometimes I felt as if I had to turn them down. I didn’t want to, but it was easier than being awkward or offending someone when I turned down their amazing smelling baked goods.

Managing My Diabetes with an Insulin Pump

Wearing an insulin pump helped with the challenges I was facing with insulin injections and gave me the freedom to indulge once and a while. Being able to say yes to a decked-out hamburger or a couple chocolate chip cookies is a nice option. I don’t gorge out on food all day long at these cookouts, but I like to have the option of eating what I want in moderation. I can enjoy not only the food, but also the time with my family and friends without feeling awkward or as if I’m offending anyone. I’m so thankful for the freedom insulin pump therapy has given me, especially during the summer!


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