Managing Diabetes on Summer Break: New Exercise Routines

Posted by shannon on Thu, 08/08/2013 - 12:04 in

Exercising-with-DiabetesThe moment I walk out of my last final exam I can practically see home – the beach, work and weekend trips with friends – before I even leave campus. I always look forward to summer break for obvious reasons: I don’t have to worry about finals, projects, papers or assignments. The day to day college grind is put on hold for almost four months.

While I get to take a break from my academics, I don’t get to take a break from my diabetes.  Each summer is different once you’ve graduated high school. It can be hard to plan your diabetes management in advance. Summer poses interesting concerns with diabetes from cookouts to exercising in the heat, lazy days at the beach, part-time jobs, internships or summer classes. However, while in that last final exam, I’m not thinking about those concerns just yet. I’m more excited for the summer events.

In the first part of my “Managing Diabetes on Summer Break” series, I’ll talk about managing diabetes during different exercise routines in the summer.

Variety of Summer Activities

Everyone has their exercise niche, whether they are runners, walkers, swimmers, kayakers or even yoga enthusiasts! Exercising in the summer heat can be challenging for all, but especially for people with diabetes.  I can’t help but want to stay active in the nice weather, but I always have to be more conscious about my activity choices.

The summer allows me to do other forms of exercise that I can’t at school - the variety is great. A typical summer for me includes being able to run almost every day, kayaking on the weekends with my family, taking long strolls to the beach to watch the sunset and trying cool exercise classes with friends. Most of these outdoor activities make me prone to low blood sugars, but with the right blood sugar management I can avoid these scary lows*. I always plan for any extensive exercising trips days in advance to help manage my diabetes properly.

Exercising with the Omnipod Insulin Pump

With all the settings options I have on my Omnipod insulin pump, it only makes it easier for me to manage my diabetes as best as I can. With options like setting a new basal program, I can program one specifically for my morning runs. Another feature that helps me manage my blood sugar levels during exercise is being able to suspend my insulin delivery. This helps when I get an impromptu phone call from my friends asking if I want to check out a new class or jump in the kayak.

All these insulin pump features give me so much freedom while properly managing my diabetes during activity. I don’t feel like exercising with diabetes is a burden anymore, which makes me more motivated to always be active! I’m able to just live my life and not always have to worry about planning out my exercise routine every day. This is so helpful during summer break, because with the nice weather and variety of options for activities, I can live my life the way I want.

Although I still always have to be prepared to manage my blood sugar levels during exercise, I can have more fun with my activity choices. Not only do I feel healthier when I exercise, but it’s a lot of fun. And best of all - diabetes doesn’t get in the way!

*Information posted on Podder Talk is not intended to be taken as medical advice. Always consult with your healthcare provider for questions and guidance on managing any health-related issues.