Wedding Planning with Diabetes

Posted by natalie on Wed, 06/26/2013 - 19:04 in
Nat-Strand-WeddingNatalie and her fiancé, Nate, have gotten creative with their wedding planning to make sure diabetes won't impact their special day. (Photo credit: Love Knot Photography)

Being a bride is really fun, but it can also be really stressful. There are so many things to think about: flowers, the guest list, the dress, the cake! And those of us living with diabetes know that we have a little (and by little I mean big) something extra to mix into all of that. Over the last several months I've had a great time planning my wedding and incorporating ways to make it “GD,” or Good for my Diabetes.

Diabetes-Functional Wedding Dress

One of the first things that I started focusing on was the dress. Even though I love travel and adventures, I'm a girly girl and I cannot wait to wear that princess dress! However, those of you on insulin pumps know that sometimes you need to get a little creative with where you put it to avoid unseemly lumps and bumps. Having the Omnipod insulin pump makes this easier, because I don't need to worry about all of that tubing. I can just stick the Pod on a discreet place and hide it under my big, poofy skirt.

I met a fantastic alterations woman who is going to create a pocket in the skirt so my PDM and my continuous glucose monitor can be with me at all times. This is fantastic, because I normally carry a big purse with snacks, glucose, blood testers, insulin and my PDM. On my wedding day, I'm not going to be carrying a big sack around. Using the dress to actually hold some of the stuff with me is going to be a stress reliever, because I know that I will have what I need on me at all times.

Staying with the idea of using traditional things to double up as functional for my diabetes, I'm also using my bouquet as a place to hide glucose tablets. I'm sure I’ll have more than just a few butterflies before I walk down the aisle and I don't want a low blood sugar to sneak up on me and interrupt my moment. I'm going to have a space in the center of my bouquet that is hollowed out where I can stash some glucose tablets or some other sugary treats should I need a little bit of a glucose bump during the ceremony.

Planning the Reception with Diabetes

Natalie and Nate in beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho where they will be married this summer.

When thinking about the reception, I want it to be fun for everyone while still keeping in line with a healthy lifestyle. This made me think about what I could serve for the beverages and the dinner. For the cocktail hour we want to have a signature cocktail, but we don't want it to be something overloaded with sugar. I was very happy to confirm that champagne does in fact have a low amount of carbohydrates, usually two to four grams per glass. Excellent news! However, we want to add berries onto the champagne flutes, so I will have to factor those carbohydrates in, too.

Another low-carb option for a fun drink is sugar-free margaritas. Using lower-sugar sweeteners can be an easy way to decrease the amount of sugar in this popular cocktail. Of course, it's also important to balance out hydration with this, so we do plan to have “fun with water” drinks, such as sparkling or flavored water to encourage our guests to stay well-hydrated.

Choosing a Diabetes-Friendly Menu

It was so fun to think about the dinner menu as the historic Sun Valley Lodge has an excellent menu with many amazing options to choose from. We wanted to serve something local and healthy, and this led to the obvious choice of local Idaho trout. We decided not to go with red meats and opted for healthier options of chicken marsala and organic pasta instead. For side dishes, we are sticking to lower-glycemic index options, such as vegetables and summer salads.

When it comes to dessert, it’s a little tricky. At first, I was thinking about tweaking the recipe of the wedding cake to make it low carb by using sugar-free sweeteners. The caterers were very open to baking with this option, but in the end I decided not to go this route because I'm not really a huge cake person anyway. I'll have a mock cake that we will be able to cut for the ceremony of the cake cutting, but will be serving individualized desserts for our guests instead of serving cake. Each guest will have baked apple galette with brown sugar and vanilla ice cream. Healthy options will be available though, as we plan to have a savory table for guests to enjoy as well. This will include a variety of cheeses, dried fruits, jams and organic whole-grain breads. This is probably the dessert that I will choose to indulge in. :-)

Diabetes can certainly make planning a wedding a little more interesting, but it can’t stop me from having the fabulous wedding day I’ve been dreaming about!