Controlling Type 2 Diabetes: An Insulin Pump Therapy Success Story

Posted by rick on Thu, 06/13/2013 - 12:51 in


Rick and his wife Georgia

After years of struggling with his type 2 diabetes, Rick Lacy gained the control he was searching for after switching to an insulin pump. 

I took serious steps early last year, including dropping off my blood glucose values every week at the office (at least 3 readings) so we could monitor and adjust my insulin injections. At the time I was taking metformin twice a day and had been injecting fast-acting insulin after meals, followed by an evening dose of long-acting insulin every night. My last recorded A1C under the old regimen was 8.9. My weight was 246 pounds.My name is Rick Lacy and I’m 61 years old. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when I was 44 years old (4 years after my twin brother Rob was diagnosed). My physician called it ‘late-onset’ diabetes and I began a regimen of diet and oral medications. Over the years I have been treated with different oral medications, and both fast-acting and long-acting insulin. Over approximately 15 years of treatment I had the ups and downs that typically come with diabetes and its treatment options. My A1Cs have been good and bad. I took my diabetes seriously only when my doctor gave me the results of my labs or say my weight was too high.

Gaining Control with an Insulin Pump

In August of 2012, after reading about the Omnipod insulin pump and ordering the sample Pod, I discussed this treatment option with both my doctor and Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). Both agreed that it may be the option needed to improve my blood glucose control and weight. I stopped all other medications and began using the Omnipod after meeting with both my CDE and Insulet Clinical Services Manager, and ensuring I was familiar with the PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) and the Pod.

Fast forward to today. I have lost 43 pounds and my most recent A1C was 7.2. My PDM tells me my 90-day blood glucose is running around 120 mg/dL, which is getting below an average A1C of 7.0. I am focused on what I eat daily and monitor my blood glucose at least twice a day. The PDM and food library have been instrumental in my ability to manage my carbohydrate intake and match the amount of carbs I eat to the amount of insulin I need. I have also lost weight and do not find myself eating or snacking as much. I have an appreciation for food as a fuel versus just eating to eat and my portions are smaller.

Back in Control of My Life

I finally feel as though I am in control of my diabetes and that it does not control me. Thanks to the Omnipod insulin pump I have a new awareness and concern for my diabetes that I didn’t have before.

Having my diabetes under control gives me a deeper appreciation for what I have and the amount of enjoyment I get. I have been very fortunate to have an understanding wife. I am very proud of my children – two of which are nurses, one is a physician and my youngest is wrapping up a degree in computer networking. And I have a passion for my work and golf, and enjoy racing go-karts and riding motorcycles. Being in better physical shape enables me to do the things my grandsons and wife want me to do with them and that’s important to me at this stage of my life.

*Please see the Omnipod User Guide and speak with your healthcare professional about the appropriate number of blood glucose checks a day right for you.