Diabetes Foolishness Part 3

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As we conclude Diabetes Foolishness week, check out the last set of stories shared by our Podder Talk readers – and the funny and annoying things people have said about their diabetes.

My friend's mom asked me if my OmniPod works like a nicotine patch so I could absorb insulin through my skin and I had to explain to her how the insulin gets from inside the Pod to inside my body. She also asked me if I was able to figure out ‘the points’ in my lunch (meaning carbohydrates). When someone who didn't know I have diabetes heard this she was shocked that someone my size would be on Weight Watchers.” -Rachel Kerstetter

While on vacation last year, my family and I went to the pool. After being in the pool for about an hour with a lot of other tourists, a couple of teenage girls starting saying, ‘Ma'am, ma'am.’ Of course I had no idea they were talking to me. So after a few more calls from the girls, I looked their direction. They said, ‘Did you know that you have a bar of soap stuck to your arm?’ I said, ‘Really and it hasn't dissolved yet?’ Then, I explained what my Pod was.” -Amylia Lester

My junior year of college a friend asked me, ‘What exactly is a diabete and how do you get them?’ I answered without skipping a beat that a diabete was a blue sugar mite and I must have eaten something infested with them. And when it seemed she actually believed that, I told her the truth.” -Melissa Lee

We were in church a few minutes before the service began when my wife's Pod sounded it's low level alarm. I heard it before she did, pulled out her PDM, aimed it at her and silenced the beeps. A friend who had been watching the procedure leaned over to me and asked if he could get 'one of those things' for HIS wife.” -Paul Balich

I once explained that my insulin pump gives me small amounts of insulin all day and the response was ‘Wow, your diabetes is so bad that you need insulin ALL DAY?!’ (I said yes, just like your pancreas makes insulin ALL DAY...)” -Alexis Pollak

’You probably should have breastfed her or something to keep her from getting The Sugar.’ (It's called type 1 diabetes. Oh, and she nursed for almost two years, sooooo……your point, Einstein?)” -Wendy Rose

‘You know that can be controlled with diet and exercise.’ (Well where is that treadmill! Here I've been taking injections all these years and I could just work out and eat right!)” -Alexis Pollak

I was at a pool with my husband and a woman strolled up to me and asked if I was trying to stop smoking!” -Lorri Venturi



"My three year old daughter just started her Omnipod a few weeks ago and we are all still adjusting. Her daycare has always been amazing with her care and so I had no concerns about them learning something new. I told our provider if she starts beeping call me and I will come help figure out the problem. Well she called the other day to say, ‘Your daughter is beeping!’ I only work a few blocks from our daycare, so I jumped in my car and headed over to investigate. Just as I pulled up she was calling me again, ‘False alarm!’ Turns out the toy car she was playing with was the one actually beeping. We learn as we go!

We live in a small community and share openly about our daughters T1D. Most people at our school know thanks to her older siblings and their sometimes ‘over sharing.’ Our older kids attend an after school program and they sometimes have dinners for the families. We were attending one such dinner last spring, when I received an attempted lecture on helicopter parenting. I was looking in one of our carb counting books to add up my baby's meal. Totally normal, right? Another mother noticed and aggressively asked me if I was really that concerned about meals, and as she continued to tell me that the school would of course provide a healthy meal, I calmly interrupted her and informed her why we were carb counting. She apologized and I accepted, although, in the future I hope she chooses her lectures more carefully.” -Amber Roberts

There are endless things people have said to me:

• Can you eat that?
• You're thingy is buzzing, it says you're high!
• Are you wearing a beeper?
• You have diabetes? But you're not overweight?
• That's so great that you have a pump, so you don't have to do anything.
• Do you have the really bad kind of diabetes?
• My grandma with diabetes couldn't eat that.
• Have you tried taking cinnamon?
• Have you considered seaweed?
• What about lizard spit, I've heard that helps.
• Why do you take so much insulin?” -Lindsay Swanson

When I was in high school and working at a fast food joint, one of the cooks asked me if my insulin pump was a walkie-talkie. I thought that was the strangest question ever. What teenager walks around with a walkie-talkie?! ” -Allison Nimlos

My 12 year old daughter Megan was changing for gym class in the locker room when someone told her she still had ‘one of those white tag things’ on her from the clothes store (you know, the ones when left on, the alarm goes off!). Meg responded by saying 'No, I don’t' and then two other girls said, 'Yeah, it’s right there,' pointing to her stomach where her Pod was...Kids (and adults) say the craziest things sometimes!” -Lisa McQuade