April Fools FingerPricks™: A Diabetes-Inspired Cartoon Series by Haidee Merritt

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We will be featuring reader’s responses today and throughout the week in Podder Talk who shared the funny, interesting and sometimes annoying comments people have made about their, or a loved one’s, diabetes. So make sure to check back with us for new comments!

That's right. People with diabetes are as cute and lovable as the next guy. Or as hairy-knuckled, wide-eyed, high-voiced, pencil-nosed, pigeon-toed, double-jointed, mono-browed, rude, short, and/or blonde: it's a disease that really doesn't discriminate, as far as outward appearances go. What this comment is intended to state is that we don’t look SICK. If you come up short with a witty retort of your own may I suggest turning the tables - ask them just what a diabetic is supposed to look like. Oh, and let me know how they answer: I’ll need to style accordingly.