Diabetes Foolishness

Posted by omnipod on Mon, 04/01/2013 - 16:36 in

We’d like to thank everyone who reached out to Podder Talk to share the funny, interesting, annoying, uneducated, well-intentioned and misguided comments that people have made about their, or a loved one’s, diabetes over the years. Check back throughout the week to read their responses here in Podder Talk. Happy April Fools' Day!

Stories from the Diabetes Community

During college I was in a modern dance performance group. For one particular piece we all wore leotards and I attached my insulin pump to the small of my back using a belt. At the time, insulin pumps could not be detached. After the performance someone asked me if the thing on my back was a camera. I said 'Yes, and I'm taking action shots of my butt dancing.'” -Emily Coles

I often see people checking out my Pod, especially when it is on my arm. Without waiting for comment, I offer that I currently wear a Pod as part of my bionic woman costume. It opens the door to a full conversation around the advancement of the treatment and mystery around type 1 diabetes. I personally consider it a unique accessory. ” - Jeannette Bernardo



'Juvenile diabetes, you say? Shouldn't you have out-grown that by now?' Nice.” -Kerri Sparling

'What is this?,' said a woman I didn't know, as she fondled the Dexcom sensor stuck on my arm. I wanted to respond, 'Who are you?'” -Kim Vlasnik

At a recent physical therapy session for shoulder surgery, I needed to remove my shirt. My therapist asked if the pain was so bad that I needed a pain blocking device... I only chuckled and exposed the whole truth!” -Scott Dorr

She didn't say anything, but I saw it in her eyes and heard it in her gasp. I was sitting in an airport injecting my insulin when a woman walked by with her young son, froze in front of me and gave me a look that clearly screamed, how dare you expose my son to this you horrid, wretched drug addict!” -Riva Greenberg

My favorite two that always shock me the most when people say them are:

'My grandma had diabetes. She lost her leg... and then she died.' and  'So you have to worry about going blind and losing your feet, right?'” -Ginger Vieira

My daughter Maria has been pumping for over 4 years. Last summer we were swimming at our cabin and she was half submerged on an air mattress wearing her Pod on her abdomen and a person unfamiliar with her type 1 asked if there was a bar of soap floating on her stomach. The gentleman that asked was so confused when we all burst out laughing and explained it was her insulin pump. It is a great story and lots of laughs.” -Theresa Paduano

Here's an example of a dialogue between me and a friend of a friend re: my insulin pump.

Friend of A Friend: 'So, does your insulin pump automatically tests your blood sugars and give you the right amount of insulin? That’s so cool!'

Me: 'Unfortunately, no. But it does have GPS and foursquare capabilities, a tracking device, and it receives texts and reads my biorhythms. So… You know, it's got A LOT going for it.'” -Kelly Kunik