FingerPricks™: A Diabetes-Inspired Cartoon Series by Haidee Merritt

Posted by haidee on Fri, 12/14/2012 - 12:59 in


Haidee Merritt is a diabetes cartoonist and healthcare illustrator. She's after alternative approaches to communicate about diabetes and is especially focused on connecting with those who are reluctant to accept traditional treatment. Having been diagnosed at the age of 2, Haidee knows (oh how she knows!) diabetes isn't inert or predictable; it’s an emotional disease as well as a physical one; it’s a social disease as well as an intensely private one.

Through her monthly cartoon series on Podder Talk, Haidee hopes to connect with the individual that exists in each person with diabetes, to give voice and identity to the diabetes community, and to remind every person with diabetes - like it or not - they're not alone.

Like the old saying goes, it’s a lot more fun at the zoo when there’s not a monkey on your back. Although I’m more likely to agree that diabetes is the monkey in this scenario, I’m actually referring to the watchful eyes of others, the weight of which can sink even the strongest swimmer. Just don’t be surprised if your helpful attempts to support your diabetic friend or loved-one are met with gushy gratitude one minute and snappy irritability the next.

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