Adventures Down Under: Sean Busby’s First Australian Riding On Insulin Diabetes Camp

Posted by sean on Thu, 12/06/2012 - 14:53 in

In this video, Sean takes in the beautiful Australian scenery and talks about the first Riding
On Insulin Camp in the land down under.

This summer, my wife Mollie and I hosted our first Riding On Insulin diabetes camp in Australia—and what an adventure it was. As big fans of the country, we were both stoked to bring our programs to Victoria, especially after such successful events in New Zealand.

We flew into Melbourne and immediately headed out of town toward the mountains. We were fortunate to stay with the parents of a Team Type 1 affiliate, and also an Omnipod wearer, in the countryside about an hour from Mt. Baw Baw. Mt. Baw Baw isn’t a huge resort, but I will say this: the people we worked with there were some of the nicest resort people we’ve ever met. They were so generous with our program and their support really showed us how successful the event really was. We had 18 kids from across Australia attend—most were from Victoria, but two families came from New South Wales. They were at all ability levels and they had an absolute blast.

I’m always amazed by the resiliency of the campers we have at Riding On Insulin. No matter what the conditions are (in Australia’s case, it was a rainy morning!), they are incredibly stoked to be on snow and learning to ski or ride. They fall and they fall and they fall—and yet, they have the time of their lives.

One funny story from the weekend was during our stay at Mt. Baw Baw in the Frosti Lodge. We rented out the lodge to accommodate the numerous volunteers who came up to stay for the weekend. And on Friday night, I heard a mouse in our room, rummaging around in the emergency glucose next to the bed. I woke Mollie up (which she wasn’t happy about) and we tried to find it, but to no avail. Luckily most of my glucose survived.

The next day, I was having breakfast before camp started and I noticed a poster on the kitchen door talking about the native rats to the Mt. Baw Baw area and how people are not allowed to trap or kill the rodents. Thus—our friendly visitor the night before was totally allowed to be where he was. It’s just part of the Australian fun (and we just need to make sure to keep our glucose in a place where rats can’t access it!).

I know I speak for Mollie and I when I say we can’t WAIT to get back to Australia next August.