Giving Thanks to…Diabetes? Promoting the Positive

Posted by omnipod on Mon, 11/19/2012 - 22:11 in

In the spirit of gratitude surrounding Thanksgiving, we asked some folks around the Diabetes Online Community if there is something about diabetes that they’re thankful for. Of course diabetes is not something anyone would choose for themselves or their loved ones, but perhaps there are positive aspects. Is there anything about life with diabetes that you are grateful for? Promote the positive and help encourage others by sharing your responses on Twitter, with the hashtag #thxdiabetes.

I am not and never will be thankful for diabetes or anything that comes along with it. I am, however, thankful that I have such a strong and capable son who demonstrates time and again his ability to conquer it.” -Lorraine Sisto, This is Caleb

I'm thankful that diabetes has, through the diabetes online community, brought me many incredible and inspirational friends.” -Scott Johnson, Scott’s Diabetes

Thank you, Diabetes, for giving me renewed vigor to enjoy life, and for introducing me to so very many AMAZING PWDs! What a fantastic community!” -Amy Tenderich, Diabetes Mine

I am grateful for diabetes because it has given me the desire to help and support other people living with this condition. And wanting to help others makes me want to educate myself and be more aware of the things I have to do to live a healthy and happy life.” -Beatriz Dominguez , Cranky Pancreas

Diabetes has made me more determined.” -Brandy Barnes, Diabetes Sisters

Being the parent of a child with diabetes has given me the gift of real perspective. I now see life's challenges through a more complete prism, and with a clear eye for what is genuinely important.” -Scott Benner, Arden’s Day

I'm grateful for diabetes because you learn so much about how the way you eat and exercise (or don't) impacts your body in a way that a non-diabetic can't see as clearly as we can.” -Ginger Vieira, Living In Progress

I've witnessed a strength inside my daughter that I'm not sure I would have otherwise known if not for her T1D diagnosis. I've discovered a strength inside myself that I never knew existed. Our family has grown closer and stronger, because we've hurdled challenges together.” -Wendy Rose, Candy Hearts

I am grateful for my beautiful partner Johnny who helps me with diabetes day in and day out and makes me feel so happy in my own two shoes - I'm even grateful for all the times he says ‘what's your blood glucose!’”  -Kelly Close, diaTribe

I'm thankful for diabetes because it has made me take excellent care of my whole self, and live more healthfully overall.” -Alexis Pollak,  I Run on Insulin

With two kids with type 1 diabetes, I am thankful for the di

abetes community we have interacted with online and through JDRF and the ADA. Two powerful events, the JDRF family retreat and the ADA Camp Granada, have been a huge encouragement to our kids. And that makes all the difference to me as a parent!” -Matt Bortmess, T1 Times 2

Diabetes has introduced me to so many amazing and inspiring people that I would probably not have met otherwise. I can be thankful for the friendships that diabetes has made possible in my life.” -Kim Vlasnik, Texting My Pancreas

The lifestyle changes I have had to make since being diagnosed with diabetes last year have forced me to eat healthier, exercise more and pay closer attention to my body; because of that, I'm healthier overall now than before I had diabetes.” -Rachel Kerstetter, Probably Rachel

I am thankful for the instant connection with other parents of T1D kids and our ability to support one another through the good and the bad.  Being able to talk through things with others who truly understand what life with T1 entails and knowing you aren't alone on their journey is priceless.” -Denise Mom of Bean,  My Sweet Bean and Her Pod

More than any other lesson - and believe me, there have been many! - diabetes has taught me that life is about attitude. We only get one shot at it, so you might as well live every day to the fullest and do it with a smile, unwavering optimism, and heartfelt positivity. I want a cure as much as anyone else, but until then, things will be just fine!” -Adam Brown, diaTribe

I am thankful that my daughter can see the positives that have come from diabetes such as going to camp, traveling to conferences like Children With Diabetes, and meeting great people. She is becoming a wonderful advocate for the diabetes community.” -Leighann Calentine, D-Mom Blog

I am thankful that diabetes has allowed me to discover an inner strength and determination I never would have known I have, and that the disease has afforded me the ability to forge unbelievable relationships with wonderful individuals I would have never had the opportunity to know.” -Tony Cervati, Type 1 Rider

Diabetes takes so much, but if there is one good thing [my son] has learned, I hope that it is the resilience to face what life throws at you, and the strength to meet those challenges head on.” -Dan Masucci, DxONE

I am grateful for the community that I have found through the diabetes community.  Everyone is extremely passionate to helping others and I have found many of my best friends in the community.” - Sean Busby, Riding On Insulin

I'm grateful to diabetes for showing me how well people can love and support me. Diabetes can really give opportunities for people to show up in incredible ways. Diabetes gives people a chance to offer support, motivation, gentleness, and empathy.” -Nat Strand, Nat Strand MD