How Taking on Diabetes can be like Taking on the Tour Divide

Posted by tony on Fri, 10/05/2012 - 12:22 in

There are a myriad of similarities between my goals for the Tour Divide race and the things we, tony-cervati-21-304x400as people faced with diabetes (whether ourselves or with a loved one), contend with every day of our lives. Dealing with diabetes, we start each day with the results and activities of yesterday still weighing on our minds and our blood glucose levels. We begin the day with a planned schedule and try to account for all the things we expect to face: meetings, school, appointments, stress, eating schedule, etc.

As we work through those events, we are often faced with unexpected challenges that will affect our diabetes management.  We adapt to these changes and keep working on reaching our personal target blood glucose levels and other goals for the day. That's very much like endurance mountain bike racing.  You start with a solid developed plan. Adapt to changes. And keep moving forward.

The most important goal of Tour Divide 2012, and for each of us facing diabetes, is to very simply have the courage to get started each and every day. Begin with a set of goals and targets, and strive to meet them regardless of what events and obstacles get in your way.

Every day will certainly not be met with success.  There will be times that are harder and more difficult than others.  When those are encountered, lean on your experiences and your knowledge and just keep pushing those pedals to do the best that you can. Don't get hung up on things that don't go as planned or goals that might have been missed by some varying degree. Tomorrow, like today, is another opportunity.

Diabetes is certainly not a sprint. Like the Tour Divide, it is a major endurance undertaking.  It is a lifelong event that requires endurance thinking. Getting started each day, on its own, is a victory.

My goal of pedaling out of Banff, Canada on July 8th and embarking on my journey after last year’s near-death scare is a testament to that. With the support and encouragement of the diabetes community, close friends, family and loved ones, that is the perspective I start each and every day with.

To follow a motto I have adopted over the years: Just Keep Choppin'!!